If we are lucky enough to own an apartment with a terrace or a house with a garden or pool, the presence of an outdoor shower can add, without a doubt, comfort, practicality and a touch of exclusivity. Choose to install a solar shower is the ideal solution for combining technology, energy saving and ease of connection.

The solar showers, the water heating system is via the use of the thermal energy from the sun and through photovoltaic system: just simple connection to the water supply for the supply of hot water, produced no spending and in an environmentally friendly way, thanks to the continuous exposure to the sun that allows you to always have water at the right temperature , to cool off and to eliminate residual chlorine after a swim in the pool.


If we orient ourselves on natural materials, we can choose between models in teak or iroko, or opt for equipment made ​​of steel or polyethylene, with the ability to match the color to the rest of the furniture. The showers can also vary in the ability to store water and payable in liters, in function of the size and capacity of the tank contents and camouflaged in the structure.

The cost of solar showers, besides the delivery capacity, also depends on the quality characteristics of materials used and the performance that make them more or less equipped; exist sophisticated models with integrated footrest and mixer or with temperature indicators and adjustable shower head variations in height but also in a pedestal, simple and economic Anyway, after connecting to the pump cold water, usually used to water the garden, the solar shower will only be secured to the ground by means of pegs that will ensure the stability during use. The water contained in the tank can reach a temperature of about 60 degrees which, mixed with the cold air coming from the tap, it allows to take advantage of different showers, the pleasant temperature of 30 degrees Despite the high weather resistance, protect the solar showers during periods of non- use , covering them with tarpaulins, or by removing the entire structure, if it were possible.