The spiral staircase has always been the ideal solution to allow access to the upper floor of a house or office with the possibility to do it in an elegant way . The staircases are in fact rare beauty and is for this reason that the market one can find many models that are distinguished from each other in shape (round and square plant) and materials. Just this assortment creates many embarrassments for the choice of the right one. Let us see in detail how to choose a spiral staircase.

The spiral stairs should be chosen according to the size of the environment in which you have to place them, because if the room is quite small due to space scale is indicated with round. This type is well defined because it climbs upward in a circular manner from the point of view of the steps that the fence that is wound in a spiral. The stairs spiral with round are basically of two types: with a central pillar on which they roll up the stairs and placing it in a corner of the handrails are placed directly on the wall, or accompanied by a circular railing very similar to a cage and do not necessarily requires the support of the wall.


This type of scale is available in iron, wood or mixed. Regarding instead the spiral staircase with a square layout, so called as it unfolds so squared upwards, the choice is dependent also in this case the size of the room. In a small environment can be positioned to gain space along the perimeter of a wall, while in a large hall is indicated to achieve an upper floor or a large loft and can be positioned in any point of the room and also forming an elegant item of furniture in typical English style.

Finally, the choice of a spiral staircase can also be done to comply with the decor of a home or an office in ultra-modern style. In this case, you can opt for those with round or square but with marble steps, especially resin and glass. In a modern, well tended, the spiral staircase or choose from is undoubtedly the one with the steps to “crescent” of glass, very durable, which is available both transparent and opaque , offering a wide range of colors that the functionality they also give a touch of elegance really superb.