The choice of flooring for the home is important for a positive impact on it, if you have already implemented criteria and Eco-friendly means. Even a parquet, in fact, it is now available in materials that are manufactured and processed in order to respect the environment and protect nature, especially in the timber sector, which disappear every year sees thousands of hectares of forest due to arson and a savage deforestation. In this guide, we look forward to help you choose a sustainable flooring.

Our growing awareness of the scarcity of natural resources and the reduction was meaning that many people before making a decision, they also look conscientiously choices that could have an impact on the environment. A sustainable flooring means, therefore essentially the use of materials that can be used, taking account of any environmental issues that surround the manufacturing process, such as industrial pollution and transportation costs. A sustainable flooring is produced in a specialized manner and uses mostly recycled materials such as cork, rubber or fir wood, to provide a completely natural product and coming from renewable sources.

sustainable- flooring

When you choose a sustainable flooring you make a choice that has both a positive impact on the environment, but is also able to give a number of potential benefits for health. The use of natural products helps to reduce pollution even inside a house, it limits the uses of chemical adhesives and also has the advantage to make it appear an elegant and natural. If we choose sustainable flooring, there are enough to satisfy every need. There are some made ​​of cork though perhaps not what everyone considers as a good option that is well at home. The cork floors are in fact made ​​by crushing and then compacted and colored with natural dyes giving rise to highly resistant models and in no way inferior to the beauty of a tile or parquet fine. A great choice for a sustainable flooring is definitely the one made ​​with rubber, another natural product of mother earth and recycled, allowing a clean industrial processing and ecological modular planks to produce durable, beautiful to look at and easy to clean.

Finally, to avoid buying a wood parquet and then realize that the pose corresponds to thousands of hectares of forest destroyed, then here is the best one to choose is undoubtedly the fir tree, which is ideal to be finished, colored, and able to easily replace even the finest cherry, mahogany or tuja, which day by day are scarce on the planet because of weather events, accidents and especially because of man.