Those lucky enough to own the outdoor spaces placed next to the house (like terrace, gazebo, an area that borders the pool, porch, etc.), can improve the appearance by applying a wood parquet, enhancing it and making it more definitely more elegant. Obviously, you should choose the correct type of material to be used, and the next steps will explain how to proceed to get a final result to great effect.

The parquet to be placed outdoors is applied in classic planks or tiles pretty; on both occasions it is essential to properly prepare the substrate, which must be performed in such a manner as to allow proper drainage, also should be performed right slope, so you need to give due attention during the process of installation. The fastening of the planks to the ground is carried out with the appropriate screws or fasteners efficient retractable (like clips, for instance). Carpet tiles instead you can can place directly in the ground with one decides pressure, but it is better to put them in a frame previously built, which will make them more stable.

wood- flooring

For best results, keep in mind that wood to be installed on an outside area as well as being characterized by a pleasant appearance , it is essential that meets the basic requirements: it must be resistant to sun exposure, moisture, the rain to frost. Among the wood to be used, account must be taken of sturdy and durable wood not treated and those who were dedicated waterproofing and protection to prevent mold and parasites. The former are particularly valuable and very expensive as teak and iron, we also find bamboo, very modern, very solid and cheaper timbers already mentioned.

There is then the possibility of entering the most common types of wood, such as fir or pine, available with great ease. It is wood treated with special processing and impregnating products: tables so you get strong and perfectly suitable for both interiors and for outdoor areas. If you prefer to enter a parquet floor outside a lot cheaper, but absolutely reliable and pleasant to look at, you can choose items made ​​from plastic and wooden parts: these are innovative and durable materials which imitate the wood nicely.