The gardens of our homes can be an excellent location in which to store tools, equipment and various kinds of things that you may not find a place in our home for reasons of space or functionality . The sort of “garden sheds” can in fact be made ​​up of houses in Wooden garden. Alternatively, a wooden house garden, can act as a greenhouse and shelter for our plants during the winter seasons. Aesthetically are beautiful to look at, easy and convenient mounting, they can offer shelter from the sun and are especially functional for materials or tools. Let’s see together in a few steps how to choose and how it can be used our future garden shed.

A wooden house to fit in your garden can be used for many purposes. The first one is pointing you to deposit material relevant to the care of the garden itself: lawn mower, brush cutter, hoes, shovels, sprinklers, gum water, fertilizers, fertilizers, pots etc. If you choose this type of use you will have to look for a house whose size, and its openings (windows) shall be made ​​so as to be the stuff that generally used for your lawn and your plants.


Another useful intended use for a garden shed is for wood storage. If your home has a fireplace or a stove, a garden shed can be an excellent solution for stack firewood for the winter. In this case you can just shed a small well ventilated (at least a small opening over the door) so as to facilitate the drying of the wood.

If you lovers of the crop and you have a vegetable garden and potted plants, the cottage with wood can serve as a shelter for your green friends. In this case you have to pick one that is bright and has beautiful on the inside of the shelves where you can place pots and planters containing plants keep you warm during the winter.

A final example I can give you the choice of a small house in wood garden is for storing inside bicycles, motorcycles, scooters and children’s games, a kind of small communal garden. These listed above are three simple examples of uses, but let’s see what are the features that paid greater attention.

In the first place there is the tightness of the cover, check that the water does not go inside. Secondly, it is very important that both area ta to prevent bad odors from stagnating inside, try to select one that has at least a small window over to the access port so that it is possible to create an internal air exchange. Finally I recommend, if space permits there, to select one that has a sloping roof, so as to be able to also use the outside to relax in the shade or for storing other material.