Furnishing an office in general is not a complex thing and it is also relatively cheap. On one thing you have to lose time: choosing the right chair. Although carefully choose an office chair may seem like an unnecessary, consider that you can get over it too many consecutive hours.

An office chair must be, first of all, ergonomic. A chair with the right ergonomics will help you maintain a good posture, supporting your back. Will avoid annoying pains, mainly at the shoulders. In addition to ergonomics a good office chair should be sturdy and durable. In the market there are chairs really cheap, but these chairs do not offer a fair and ergonomics are a little strong. Spend a little more for a good chair will make you work better and longer, which will mean more money.

Obviously there is a chair that is perfectly suited to your body shape. Just a few centimeters in height more or less to require adjustments in the position of the chair. Also the body weight, and then the waist and shoulder width affect much. To meet these requirements the most chairs offer various regulation systems first of all the possibility to raise or lower the seat. Fundamental when you sit is the presence of the springs of cushioning that prevents the compression of the vertebral column at the moment when you sit. Another very useful movement is what allows you to tilt the backrest in a position that allows you to erect posture. The backrest is never a plank law, but it has two curvatures to take account of the curvatures of the spine. The ability to raise or lower the backrest will allow you to make it stick better. Rarely is an appropriate lumbar support height adjustable lumbar support at all times to ensure personalized support in the lumbar region. Generally the seats are anatomical, in chairs more expensive it is also possible to adjust the inclination and the advancement.


Much attention must also put the armrests. These should be adjusted so that you can rest your arms while you have your back relaxed. Per increase comfort and convenience while working in your office chair should also have the wheels in order to allow short trips, perhaps to throw something in the trash or take the papers in the drawer not far.