The summer weather is becoming hotter and muggy, but despite this temptation and the desire to spend your time in the great outdoors is great. Reading a book, chat with friends, a drink, a meal or a dinner in the summer they have a whole new meaning to fresh air. But there is also to say that the ozone hole has meant that spending time in the sun, especially during peak hours, can become a risk to our body, not to mention that the heat could become unbearable. For all those who have a terrace and have pleasure to spend the time during the day, the following guide will give them valuable advice on how to choose the umbrella.


The first thing to consider when choosing an umbrella for your terrace is the type. To determine it is necessary to consider the space you have available to understand how much shade you want to do. Defined that, on the market there are different types of umbrella. The most common is the classic umbrella “beach”: its advantage is to be simple and easy assembly / disassembly, takes up little space, but of course it makes a lot of shade. Alternatively we umbrellas “hanging”. This type of umbrella is hanging by a lateral structure, its assembly and disassemble takes longer than previously described, umbrella in his favor there is a shady area that is able to create much wider. Finally, there are the Gazebo, iron or wooden structures covered with a tarpaulin. Their assembly is much more challenging as it is more that create the shadow.

Another aspect to consider is the color. This is totally subjective, varying from person to person and especially every umbrella fits differently depending on the context in which it is inserted. Consider then the colors of the house, the railings and, if the neighbors have already, consider the idea of purchasing the same as theirs.

The Last, but not least, to consider is the wind resistance The older and become more summers with monsoon related violent thunderstorms and tornadoes. The umbrella ago with the wind sail effect, so it is advisable to choose the right area for its installation and mount it with the appropriate weights In addition I recommend you dock it, where possible, the house or the fence in order to have an extra safety in the event gale.