Have you bought a new home and what makes you happy and excited. Are you thinking of such work carried out, such as furniture to buy and, more importantly, how to choose colors for the furnishings. If you need a hand, you can then continue reading: try to give you some help and provide you with some advice and suggestion to avoid mistakes.

Of course, we are entering a field of strictly subjective preference. He who loves only the black and white and is pointing to a furniture modern minimalist chic we can not impose a certain choice in the range of shades of the rainbow as well as we can not grieve those who love the vibrancy of the yellows and reds advising accessories in shades of gray . We will try to point you in situations mainly of options and combinations appropriate as the important factor in the brightness of the interior. A well-lit environment is an important factor for both the spirit and for the practical : how do they find the everyday objects in the dark? So let’s start in the right advise painting the walls to be mainly light colors white, cream or ocher. If you want to also add a feeling of warmth you can use yellow and orange.


The same goes for fabrics designed to cover the bodies with windows or curtains that allow for greater absorption of solar radiation, must be of light colors during the winter to the summer, when the season is just hot, then you can opt for more opaque curtains , maybe burgundy color.

The areas of relaxation and recreation such as the bathroom and the bedroom, should be selected on the basis of soothing colors such as blue and green. They are characterized by a power soothing and relaxing so much really suitable for these rooms. The living room will focus on combinations of contrast, such as white sofas in leather and walnut furniture against some green plant, a piece of furniture that combines the tranquility to be perfect destination at the same time.

In the kitchen certainly will not fall asleep and you risk burning the chicken in the oven! So you can pick opting for more vibrant colors like electric blue or a beautiful red lacquer: the latter choice is particularly popular and is sold mainly to very young kids .