Curtains and blinds are certainly part of the furniture of a room. Choose in a timely manner the most suitable type is, therefore, of paramount importance. But what must be taken into account at the time, in fact, the choice? Obviously the first place there is the personal taste. Nothing, in fact, must be forced. For the rest you can, of course, always finding the right compromise .

Let’s first take a look of the room in which we want to put the tents we are going to choose. Obviously they will marry well not only with the type of furniture, but also with the color of the room. For example, if the room is furnished with antique furniture, tents prefer neutral colors and the “lines” simple, so that the curtains do not go to weigh the environment (the same principle applies in the choice of furnishings).


Within the elegant curtains certainly befitting particular type. For this reason we prefer to fabrics such as silk, satins and brocades . Cotton and wool are, however, great for the furnishing of a room more at “home” . Consider also the fact that the curtains veiled let the light, while the thick ones hinder the guarantee and, therefore, greater privacy. The color of the tent is of fundamental importance. It, in fact, in addition to fine tune the room, you need to give it a touch more (sometimes it can also make it look larger or smaller). In general we can say that the dark curtains make the room appear smaller. Have the opposite effect light curtains (the room is, therefore, larger). In particular, the blue conveys a feeling of freshness, green is relaxing shades, the yellow and the cheerful red expresses heat. The tent white (as well as that transparent ) fits anywhere in your home. The rooms are not very heavy even if we opt for the voile curtains. In fact, they shield the window so light. They also make the light go well and you can create a pleasant draping.

Choosing a tent we have to keep a close focus on both the size of the window (including the form) that the height of the ceiling. If the window is small, to make it look bigger, we can opt for light fabrics, whose upper edges should not be too high. In fact, our tent window will appear higher if we make sure that the same ends just below the sill. For short windows using woven vertical stripes. As regards the valance, we put it to fifteen centimeters above the upper edge of the frame. If instead we have a high and narrow window, we choose a single blind, draped on one of the sides to increase its width. The reduction in the height, instead we obtain with a valance of the frame.