Select the curtains for sliding doors, is a tricky challenge but enjoyable, as there are so many interesting options to evaluate. These tents will cover a large amount of space in the wall, so it is important to integrate the best overall furnishing of the room, at the same time, we must balance the need for important functions such as the protection of privacy. Some of these tents can also help you save on energy bills by reducing solar heat in summer and cold drafts during the winter months. Here’s how to choose curtains for sliding doors.

Determine the exact size of each sliding door, using a tape measure. Although there is no single standardized format for this type of door, you can find models of tents that fit very well anyway. Some tents allow the light to spread into the room while providing some privacy. These are also known as “gauzy curtains”, they are very common and are found in shades of black and white “dirty”, as well as in light gray and pastel blue.


Determine whether there is a need to isolate the sliding glass door, and temperatures that the moods from outside. The curtains for interiors are able to provide both insulation benefits, while adding a decorative traditional, can almost completely hide the beauty and elegance of sliding doors.

Decide how to bring up the environment. The vertical blinds, for example, can be adjusted in such a way to repair the room from bright sunlight, without giving the impression of isolation from full open. The vertical blinds are available in translucent plastic, fabric, metal and wood. You can also apply self-adhering film on the inside of the sliding door if you want to further reduce glare from direct sunlight.

The curtains for sliding doors must be sufficiently large, to be extended from 2 to 8 inches beyond the edge of the door on each side, to prevent the external light from entering the room when the curtains are closed and to allow easy access to the door itself. Measure the space between the top of the sliding door and the ceiling to make sure that there is enough space for the proper attachment of the tent.