The frames are the elements that define and complete work of art, cha is a painting, a photograph or an object: it is not just a way to hang a picture on the wall but defines and highlights it in space, communicating with other furnishings in the room . Here are some tips on how to choose the right frame, finding the right pattern and color.

When we choose a frame to hang in your home we have to take into account several factors that will guide us to the right decision. First of all we think about the subject that will be put into the style of the image that will be included. We can choose a harmonic combination, combining a classic subject in a traditional setting and a modern to a support of contemporary design , or play on the contrast: we try to insert a work of art existing in a wonderful old to appreciate a particular result. We must also pay attention to the size: as appropriate a framing narrower or wider will give greater emphasis to the image, often the use of a mat neutral allows the work of art to breathe, bringing out the colors better . We take into account also the shape of the object to be inserted, may be rectangular, round or a combination of multiple elements. The color that will not necessarily be equal to that of the subject, but can rabbinate by contrast or hue. In general, the frames tend to take very elaborate attention to the subject inside: a photograph in black and white will be better appreciated in a simple support and neutral colors. In some cases it is preferable not to frame the paintings, especially contemporary ones, which place great importance on clean lines.


The choice of the frame also affects the place where it will be located, or the style of the room that the host. Also in this case we will focus on harmony, using a model that matches in coordinated design of our house, or experience more creative solutions. The framework should rabbinate the decorations and the furnishings in the room , but also the color of the wall : choose the colors that, despite being sung to the plaster, creating a detachment decided that highlights the picture. particular frames require an appropriate environment to be exploited, for example, a model in antique gold goes well with an elegant and refined.

The model frame we choose must be balanced against other paintings on the wall hang If we decide to expose a set of images, such as photographs of our family, we will place them in media similar to each other, which invoke for style or color. In the contemporary interior frames become protagonists: in fact we can find models particularly elaborate and colorful hanging in a group with particular combinations , even if empty or by including other smaller all internal.