The choice for the right home lighting is primarily governed by the type of furniture and the type of style that it was decided to use in a particular room or throughout the house. To ensure that every corner of the house to be exploited duty, it is important that every room has a certain kind of light , suitable for the use for which the room is used and by how you live that particular space. Let’s see, with this guide, how to choose the lighting in the house.

Starting to choose the lighting in the room easier, or the bedroom, I would propose the distribution classical chandelier in the center, perhaps to design and cushy lamps table although in solution bedside. In the bedroom you have to opt for the modular design of the light, which is used when you can have a good gradation of light but when you are about to go to bed or when you want to read a good book you can have the chance to have a dimmer light and soft as not to disturb the views or those around us.

home lighting

To choose the lighting in the dining room would opt for a nice chandelier character to be placed on the table, so as to give a sense of warmth and hospitality while you are at the table. If you can not arrange for a light to the ceiling , the lighting in the room you may decide to make the wall that surround the dining area with a special light.

Still on the subject, to choose kitchen lighting of LED spotlights on the whole piece of work and perhaps the most critical points would add under-cabinet lights to give more prominence to the work plan. For those with a peninsula I would be inclined to two or three points of light in the ceiling coming down directly on it for something more modern and original. The living room, where we spend more time, I would choose table lamps or floor lamps to the ground so, even in this case, to be able to vary the intensity of light at will, according to the activities to be carried out.

No less important is the bathroom I think is the most difficult area to be illuminated since, particularly for women, must try to get a light almost natural to be able to put on makeup in an optimal way. In most cases placing of ceiling spotlights with adjustable light and a central light point on the mirror to better spread the light. Instead the room where you can really indulge lighting is the children’s room, where you can find table lamps, hanging, land forms strangest.