When in a house we have to replace the doors and we intend to do it with a touch of elegance and practicality, there is nothing better than to install those mirrors. This type of door is ideal for environments rather small because it is able to give even depth of field. In the market, there is an infinite number of door mirror of industrial production, from raw to finish up those very expensive and with a signature design. In this guide, we aim to give some tips on how to choose mirrored doors.

The mirrored doors you can find or make them in any material although the ideal is always a house of wood, to which we focus in particular on this item, and we talk about what lacquer, which satisfies both the needs of modern furniture that style typical Florentine or Venetian. Another type of door mirror is that defined retractable (chest), which can be realized in any style and is ideal for more or less narrow spaces. Finally, for those who love the classic decor, there are a variety of ports in mirror with different bands of value and price.

mirror- doors

Of fundamental importance whatever the type of door to choose from and always check the thickness of the mirror placed in the casing. According to current safety regulations in fact, the glass must be free of lead, at least 4 mm thick and impact resistant (thanks to a subtle and invisible protection net). Having said this, as mentioned in the introductory talk about the mirrored doors lacquered. The choice allows us to opt for bright colors typically vintage or artistic features in pastel shades that go well with furniture in style as the best Italian tradition wants. The dark walnut or ash may be fine for a type of furniture mixed.

The casket doors with mirror, can be a good choice not only in terms of the footprint but for their functionality as in a bedroom can be double face and allow on the one hand to amplify and give depth to ‘ environment front, while in the latter a door with mirror may prove handy whenever there is going to dress. Finally, as regards the classic doors, mirrors may be chosen from those per day, with grid ornamental wooden diamond shaped or square, or even with special focus paintings that are matched well for those in a home furnishings exclusively prefers a classic.