This guide will explain how to choose modern paintings and environmental the best. Each decorative element in fact, should be treated with the utmost care, to be able to give the room a nice look and great effect. It will of course good taste and a little aesthetic sense. Let’s see how to do it step by step.

First choose the theme you want to set depending on the room in which the frame is destined. If you need a modern painting for a living, will be good representations of abstract landscapes, mythological beings and particular animals. The colors will be fine rather bright and not too many nuances. If the picture is set in the bedroom, do you prefer to character themes and fantastic dream, to create a pleasant atmosphere dreamy. In this case, the colors should be more subdued. Finally, if you have to decorate a bathroom, opt for simple themes such as flowers and fruit, essential colors of blue, red and yellow.

Now you have to think of the frame, which is essential for a good setting of the picture. If the painting is large and very rich in detail, the ideal is fine, a little thick in a single color, such as silver or gold, to create a game of styles including retro and l hyper-modern. If the picture is of medium size, uses a frame very worked, maybe the Baroque, worked with curls and swirls. Finally, if the paintings are very small or consists of several elements, opt for frames from the super-modern and innovative materials, such as steel, Plexiglas, PVC or recycled plastic. With this arrangement the small paintings modern will stand the best.


A modern framework, in the best way to decorate a room, it must be set properly. For the living room or the living room, it is better to choose a painting of great size to hang on a wall completely devoid of other elements, such as going to be the focal point of the room. In a room bed should not exceed the number of pictures, then it is best to place a couple of paintings of the same kind on both sides of the bed, above the tables, or a picture of average size above the headboard of the bed. If you have to decorate the bathroom, hang a wall free three modern paintings in the series, taking care to place them in such a way that immediately capture your attention. To bring out the canvas, you can install, especially in the living room, a spot just above the picture.