In the selection of flooring in a rustic, must undoubtedly consider various aspects (including the importance of opting for a flooring that respects the original style of the structure ). If you are interested in finding out how to choose the new flooring in an appropriate manner, follow this guide carefully (which I will give you a number of helpful tips to keep unchanged the beauty of a rustic old ).

It should be remembered first of all that pleasing to attract the attention of your guests (and at the same time save on the costs of restructuring), it is advisable to use the same flooring for all rooms of the cottage. In this way, you will make the country seem more spacious.

The widely used for paving stone buildings is the first floors. This, of course, exist in the market of various types and elegant (tiles, industrial, crude, made ​​by hand, and so on). The main feature of terracotta tiles, is to be rather resistant to time and use (although at the same time, requires careful maintenance and constant cleaning).


The same argument can be applied to the paving stone (rather suited to the style of a country house), but undoubtedly involves the need to perform periodic polishing operations, also very polluting.

If you prefer to opt for a more economical type (but no less elegant), you should choose the simplest materials (such as floor coverings made ​​of natural fibers, wood, ceramic, or if you prefer). Laying a parquet or carpet, will give the rustic style chic and simple at the same time.

If you want to create or combine different kinds of style, you can try to combine various types of materials for every room of the cottage. The council, however, is not to overdo it, or to combine opposing styles with balance (the risk in fact, is to make the environment a little too heavy and harmonic).

For questions and simple explanations, I recommend you use one of the many interior design magazines on the market. These will undoubtedly be able to provide new ideas and to choose the flooring (and much more), appropriate to your country.