Armchairs and sofas are of furniture that can not miss in our house, it is a major purchase and that will determine the look of the room in which they are placed. Here are some tips on how to choose sofas and armchairs , looking for a model of design but without sacrificing comfort.

When we are designing a living room new or simply want to replace the old furniture the choice of sofa and armchairs is crucial. Before buying first evaluate the space available inside the room and the shape of the sofa that will best suit the environment. If we have a large and square we can choose a sofa with two armchairs by placing a small table in the center, while for long, narrow spaces is preferable to more places without a sofa armchairs coordinated. In rooms less spacious choose a sofa compact, perhaps with ottoman Mobile or possibility of raising the foot rest when necessary, or one or two armchairs with matching floor lamp for reading. We take into account the orientation of the couch, trying to take advantage of the light correctly. Do not forget the functions to be performed by the furniture: we choose a more convenient and comfortable if we use it often to rest, while those low or small, with lines of design details , are mainly an aesthetic function. Before buying carefully measure the room and simulates the dimensions of the sofa sticking tape on the floor.


The style of the room you’re decorating is certainly decisive for the choice of the couch. Of contemporary modern models are mainly large and comfortable, fully upholstered in fabric, with peninsula to stretch your legs, while the sofa with armchairs are used more to classic styles. The sofas with wooden frame are suitable for classic and elegant lounges , the presence of notches and the type of fabric for the lining define the design. These models are suitable for a living room or antique style of a retro. If our house has a look are perfect contemporary sofas with simple lines and neutral colors, enriched with pillows colored. Accessories such as footrest lift, are the options you have to consider before purchasing. If we often have guests in the house a sofa bed is the best solution to combine aesthetics and functionality. For the garden or patio will greatly effect the sofas and armchairs Rattan or wicker, with cushions in raw cotton.

When we chose the model with the form suitable for our living room we have to decide which coating used to make sofas and chairs perfect for our furniture Among the classic materials including natural ones we can choose, such as wool, cotton, linen, leather, and stain-resistant and waterproof synthetic ones. Some of the most valuable but which can be easily interrupted we have the velvet, brocade and damask, antique models are especially used in addition to the material we have to choose the color or fantasy that best match living room of bright colors with contrasting neutral shades or light colors are more difficult to maintain because they get dirty more easily, let us use the coatings removable so you can wash more easily We complete the look the sofa and armchairs with cushions made ​​ad hoc, with colors and pattern matching.