A walk-in closet where to put clothes, shoes and accessories in an orderly manner, it is certainly one of the many dreams of those who today must set up house. Until a decade ago, the wardrobe was considered an option for the few elected, but instead of today has become very fashionable and affordable for everyone. On the market there are all kinds of accessories to furnish it and to be able to exploit all the available spaces. Let us see in detail how to choose the accessories of the closet. To avoid keeping all the clothes side by side, stacked or folded abnormally for reasons of space, as in a classic wardrobe, a dressing room, we have the chance especially if it is large in choosing different accessories that you can put inside.


Furnishing a walk-in closet with all the accessories on hand so it is important to have all the clothing in order and to be able to choose the clothes so fast. Among the useful accessories are definitely at the top of the shelves to be applied around the entire perimeter of the closet and can return useful for blankets, quilts and bags. Other accessories are also very important for a large chest of drawers underwear, a shoe rack with gate opening for shoes every day or season, while on the opposite wall or another classic with the doors that serves as storage for shoes winter or summer. The closet area, go instead furnished with a large stick that doubles up as a hanger and allows you to keep in order the shirts and pants. Inside, many shelves can be placed in the shape of a cube, ideal for storing sweaters and sweatshirts and small drawers for storing handkerchiefs, scarves and ties.

In general, if a wardrobe of great dimension, also serves as a dressing room, for which it is necessary the presence of a vertical mirror that part of the ground and off a chair or a chair to support garments. As for the interior flooring, you should do it with the carpet to be able to even walk barefoot, while the lighting is perfect with spotlights and intense white light that helps to wear a dress without the worry of wrong pairing of colors or to choose the right model for the evening to be spent outside the home.