Have in the house a good air conditioning system is an obvious choice to prevent excessive heat causing states of general malaise . In this guide we will see how to choose orient the air conditioning system that is closest to the different needs of each, since the various types of equipment designed for the function of cooling air with very different characteristics between them.

The apparatus of conditioning are classified as an air conditioner, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and air purifiers air, in addition to special systems that combine the functions of these devices into a single system . The air-conditioning system are perhaps the most widespread among the population, having been involved in a real commercial boom in recent years. These devices are in fact able to filter the air, to allow recycling and purification by means of filters which retain odors and particles suspended in it. Furthermore effectively dehumidify the air, removing the heat, and in some cases can also act as a heat pump, heating the environment during the winter months. The function of air conditioners, in contrast, is limited to the cooling air, while not it manages its parts nor dehumidifies the environment.


The dehumidifiers absorb moisture from the air only, proving particularly useful for facilitating the process of drying the laundry, and air purifiers are limited to eliminate the atmosphere of the house as pollen, dust, smog and other particles that can be harmful for breathing, while no function refrigerant.

Air conditioners are divided into fixed and mobile air conditioners The former are characterized by a high level of effectiveness, since they allow you to adjust the level of air temperature and humidity without the need of an installation in each home environment. They are made ​​from an inner part, called split, which deals suck the air from the room to dehumidify it and then providing cool it, and by an external motor, which provides In addition to the hot air discharge The two devices are connected between them by means of a tube in which flows the refrigerant in recent years have been designed templates air conditioner adaptable to various needs, such as installations to corner or recessed, used especially in historic buildings, in order to avoid the presence of air conditioning systems that may damage the external appearance of the facade.