The health care are the main features of the bathroom fixtures, it will be practical to use and clean but also aesthetically designed to integrate into the look of the room. Here are some tips on how to choose health, finding the most suitable models to our needs to those offered by contemporary design .

bathroom fixtures

The health are bath accessories that we use to treat our hygiene toilet, sink, shower, bath tub and bidet. Choose models durable and practical to use is important, but we must also take account of the forms that best sing the style of our bathroom, contemporary, classic or vintage. We give preference to the innovative models that allow for energy savings and limiting water consumption: choose a toilet with double button to control the jet of the flush, while the sink and shower can be made ​​more efficient with a speed controller. Some health and shelves for the bathroom are made ​​with recycled materials, combining sustainability and design in one product. For a modern bathroom try of health technology, such as those that integrate with sink and toilet recovering the waste water for flushing.

The bathtub is very effective, but if you do not want to give up the convenience of a shower can install both gearing up with the walls furniture have around. The large shower is practical to use, perhaps by inserting the glass walls on the sides, nice to see and more comfortable than plastic tents. The bathtub is usually rectangular and deep, are usually resting on a wall but there are also free patterns that can be placed at the center of a room, perfect for contemporary loft. We choose faucets with modern design, which limit water waste and create special projects.

The sink is an important design element, we first choose from a wide range of materials in addition to the classic ceramic: enameled steel or polished, clear or colored glass, concrete, stone and metal details such as copper. For less spacious bathrooms are recommended to those fixed wall, usually the water pipes are covered by a column or a piece of furniture with doors, but in contemporary design are also left visible. Then there are those that are set to be built on a shelf with the mobile, this will have the contemporary lines or a vintage look. The lines of washbasin, bidet and toilet are generally similar link on rectilinear patterns, comfortable and easy to clean, or very squared and simple, tasteful minimal and contemporary . Very contemporary then, are they to support, the elegant basins where water is collected, with which we will experience particular materials. If we have a spacious bathroom install a sink with a large hot, maybe with two taps, for a greater comfort and better to collect the water flow.

The toilet is often placed at a point where it is barely visible, but why not choose a design model to put in the foreground in our bathroom? In addition to classic types we have those with hidden water tank, simple lines make it a practical item to use but also pleasant to see. Then there are the toilet more technology for maximum comfort, with heated tablet, integrated bidet, inspired by Japanese models, air jet for drying and music.