Summer is the best time to relax in the pool at home. To enjoy a refreshing bath it is necessary that it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the formation of bacteria and micro-organisms that grow naturally with the sun’s rays. To prevent the birth of these, is a substance called chlorine, which is essential for the complete disinfection of the water. Below you’ll discover how to choose the chlorine for pools with ease, for moments of comfort and relaxation in your pool.

First you have to know that on the market there are various types of disinfectants that act on the water. The chlorine is by far the most used since it is extremely effective and very economical. In trade chlorine is available in tablets, granules and liquid format. Basically the difference between these formats is in the type of disinfection that is performed and the type of pool, external or internal. So for best results and long-lasting, the best thing to do is buy the chlorine in the chlorine granules and tablets.


These can be purchased from your local dealer or pool accessories at one of the many online stores of swimming pools and components. The price of a pack of chlorine varies, but rarely exceeds 40-50 Euros. Compared to the amount you have to think about how you use the swimming pool. When buying, dealers will be at your disposal for further information and advice on the subject.

If you are going to make a massive disinfection of your pool, for example, the first disinfection of the season, or when the water was too polluted by bathers and external agents, it is useful to use chlorine granules These should be first dissolved in water that must be overthrown in turn in the tub already filled. The doses to be dissolved vary depending on the size of the pool on the packaging of the product, however, you will find the recommended dosages according to the cubic meter of water.

To keep the pool instead cleaned and disinfected, then they will be constantly useful chlorine tablets. They must be introduced in a special floating dispenser that allows the gradual release of the substance. They are particularly suitable even if the pool is very small or is an above ground pool. It is important to keep an eye on the dispenser and insert other tablets at the moment, because if the pool is chlorine-free water may stagnate quickly and to endanger the health of bathers.