The choice of a color is always important if we consider the fact that we find ourselves opposite presumably for several years. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose clearly reminding us that everyone has the chance to indulge your taste even if they were considered “ugly” by others. Just because as we said will be things that we have before us over the years, so first of all have to like us, and then to others. In this guide we will see how to choose the color for a study according to its functions.

We start from the consideration of a study as a place of real study or located at various depth interior of an apartment . In this case, the use to which it will be strictly personal that is even more the criterion of personal choice. But good advice that can be given are to use relaxing colors, pastel colors such as’ blue , or especially the green . The green (light) is considered to be a relaxing and stimulating color. Another attention, however, should be given to the type of furniture and its color in the study. It is normal for the color to be adjusted depending on whether wood or furniture in different materials.


Another chapter is whether it is a study of the outside of the house or inside a house but guests also meetings with customers . Here it must be distinguished between doctors, lawyers, architects, various specialists. The advice should be given in the case of a study that has a doctor of any category is absolutely white . This is because the white from a greater impression of order and cleanliness and also does not falsify the colors, very important for example if it is a dermatologist who very often is located in assessing diseases also depending on the color of areas of our skin that, with a wall color other than white, might be falsified. For other orders you can do a little ‘as you prefer avoiding only the choice of strong colors and inappropriate to the climate that inspires little confidence.

Finally it must be said that bright colors are not entirely to be rejected in any case it concerns a study. Are acceptable, even advisable, in all those environments that will accommodate children, who will be in charge of the game, even mental stimulation. So as we can see , the choice is very wide and we should try to adapt it case by case . Let us not be persuaded by temporary fashion or putative genes furnishings. There are no rules except that only common sense.