When designing a home is also included in the choice of color internal and external; this choice is not a minor issue and should be carefully considered on a par with other parameters. The colors across the electromagnetic vibrations emanating influence our moods; in recent years there is increasing attention particularly to the choice of color of the walls both inside and outside. In the following lines we will see how to choose the color of the exterior wall of the house.

Generally, in countries where the climate is cold, the shades are chosen from among those warmer and more intense as the yellow, beige, burgundy, red with all its nuances, cyclamen; while in the Mediterranean countries, warm tones are generally lighter choices such as white, blue, green, pale, pink. The exterior color affects not just the shape and perspective, building, denotes the forms and the grandeur of the building itself and gives a “personality.”


Also have to take into account the location of the house, if it is in an old town, it is advisable to follow and adapt to the specific tone of the place. Many municipalities have a “paper color” that is restructuring and external wall painting have to be chosen from a list of colors given by the municipality where the building is situated. In the seaside or the colors are white to combat the heat or bright colors; while inland are more sober colors ranging from red and burgundy, gray, natural colors and shades of brown. You also have to take also presents to the surrounding landscape, it is obvious that in the vicinity of a forest not whitewash the house of a lilac color, but there will be oriented on a color that can be added to that picture and in that dimension.

The choice of color outside must keep in mind the colors of windows and balconies and any furniture, outdoor landscaping; before painting the exterior walls, to imagine and visualize how the work could be finished, pass the selected color or multiple colors on wooden planks large enough and tagliatelle the wall, this way you will be able to imagine the whole thing. The colors available on the market nowadays are almost all ecological, to avoid who dispose of harmful substances to the walls and the environment that you live.