Are you ready to paint the walls of your bedroom , but do not yet know how to decide on the choice of color to take? The choice of the color of the walls of the chamber bedroom has a very important role, since it is the first visual impact that you have to your every awakening. The following guidance may be for you. Are some ideas that could be very useful to opt for the color best suited to your tastes and your needs.

The first thing to do before choosing a color that is well on the walls of your room , is to evaluate some basic parameters. First of all the brightness of the room. And the room is particularly illuminated during the day, you have no particular restrictions that prevent you from choosing one color over another. You can vary the color lighter to the darker, while still maintaining a certain range the small intestine, although you can opt for pastel colors.


Another consideration may be taken into consideration is the size of the bedroom. The smaller it is, the less will be the intensity of the color that you are going to choose. Indeed, the choice of a very dark color in a very small, does nothing more than further decrease (visually) the size of the room. The opposite effect instead, they give the whitish color . You can then choose from white, canary yellow or a peach color mentioned and all the very light tones. In case the environment was great, even in this case you can choose the colors that you want, except that it is not particularly illuminated.

Taking a brief summary of what has been said we can say that for smaller rooms and we have to choose very bright colors tending to white, for rooms from medium to large , not illuminated, you can choose colors slightly darker but always tending to clear, while for the rooms are medium to large in size and quite enlightened, you can choose any colors you want while avoiding those too bright pastel which, however turn out to be too heavy for even the most normal awakening .

If you are very imaginative people, you can also take the option of colored background and superimpose on it the drawings made ​​with stencils. Very often the use of drawings of a contrasting color can give the bedroom a different effect and perfectly suited to give depth. An example of all: very light green background on which you will create a drawing of a very large tree white or champagne. Or painted on the wall with a window view of the sea of white walls. You can give free rein to your imagination.