Are you tired of your old couch? Or simply want to change look for a sofa that despite no longer particularly new is so comfortable you do not want to change it? Or, your expensive sofa really needs to be renewed because its upholstery is too worn and old? Well then here is the guide for you. A guide to help you through some simple tips will help you choose the best finish and best suited for your beloved couch.

The first thing to do before choosing the best finish for your sofa, is to consider a number of factors, first of all the furniture of the house, then you must consider what room is located on the sofa covering, if you This is a high quality sofa or a sofa commercial, if you have very young children at home, if you have pets or, if you live in a house or in a house in the city and so on. All these considerations may or may not constrain the choice of a specific tissue, rather than a coating leather, rather than a coating echo skin and so on.


If it comes to play a simple sofa kitchen or small room, just choose the simple woven fabric, not too difficult if not in the type of the tissue itself, which must be strong enough to be able to be washed whenever it is deemed necessary. In fact, as the room of the children lived especially considering that it is also the games room, the sofa covering may need to be washed frequently. Obviously, if it comes to coat the sofa, the most convenient choice is to use a type of removable coating. The same rule applies for the kitchen, since the coating is impregnated with grease and cooking odors.

In case, the sofa cover is good which is held in the living room, then you can opt for more than one type of coating. If it is a classic sofa style “King Louis”, then one of the choices would be almost forced to choose a classic style fabric, or if you prefer you can choose velvet. course The choice of color is closely related to your decor. If you choose to use skin for your sofa, you made ​​a good choice because it is easily washed with a sponge and soap and above all has a longer period than any other coating. It ‘obvious that, if you have cats at home, is not the case to opt for this choice.