This guide will explain how to choose cushions of the chairs. Every detail of furniture and its accessories should be treated with the utmost care and taking care of details to ensure that the environment and the room in which they are involved are well equipped and tastefully decorated.

For the cushions of the chairs in the living room and dining area, choose bright fabrics and convenient to wash, as they will often dirty. The cushions of the chairs of the table are perfect with the laces to be tied to the seats, so they can be put on and off whenever you need it. The patterns are most suitable flowers, small Provencal style decor or the reasons patchwork, if you own a traditional kitchen. Environments instead hyper-modern design cushions prefer solid materials and ergonomic as can be, for example latex.


For the chairs of the living room you opt for fabrics and more elegant. Of retro armchairs and chairs antique style, system cushions rather small and round in shape, covered with velvet or brocade and enriched Ciappi and fringes to create a nineteenth century atmosphere very romantic. If the living room is modern, are good extra-large pillows and also original form, technical fabric or silk finish, which will be placed on individual chairs design or small chairs on either side of the couch.

In the bedroom, a chair or a pair of stools is always comfortable and pleasantly decorates the environment, particularly if they are located near a console or dresser for this type of room, the ideal pillow is definitely soft and romantic, with fabric colors soft and delicate, perhaps lace or taffeta. The pillows are an easy way to decorate the patio, veranda, porch and outdoor gardens outside in an elegant and refined for this purpose, opt for large cushions, which will almost forming sofas and comfortable chairs on which to relax after a long day at work The perfect colors are white, ivory and ocher, depending on the predominant color of the room, which in general In any case it is clear, remember that it is better to choose coverings and linings with hinges or tears that make it easy to remove when you must wash Even the choice of the fabric is important, as natural materials such as cotton and linen will last longer in time and will retain the their original beauty.