The finishing touches of a house are the elements to be reckoned with in furnishing general. Here I’ll explain how to choose the door handles , it is assessing their capabilities that their aesthetic side . In the market there are really many types and must opt for those ideals that will give your home a touch more useful to have an individual look . Here is a simple guide on how to do.

door handles

Consider the type of people that use the port. If you have children, a handle that uses a safety lever will make it easier for them to master, and you will avoid that they can do harm. This kind of handles is also suitable if you have family members who have physical difficulties or other special needs. If not, take a traditional knob handle. Decide then if you also match the locks. Almost all styles can include a locking mechanism, but it is not necessary to mount it on each port: it will be enough for the bathroom and for those who have external access.

You may want to consider the idea of not changing all the handles, but to modernize existing ones, depending on your budget to start. Solutions that completely revolutionize the look of those are repainted with bright glazes or coatings that simulate the texture of wood or Cromwell for an antique effect of style. Pay attention also to the keys, which must be in line with the overall style. With a little ‘imagination and good taste of the simple particular they will be able to completely change the look of your home and give her a new light.

Consider the decorating style of your home: the door handles are available in a wide range : ethnology-chic, elegant, minimal or classical . Select the one that best suits to the window which will be applied and that it matches the general architectural style. You can also play with contrasts and enter a handle hyper-modern in a retro room and vice versa. If you do not want to make mistakes and to play it safe, buy handles classical and it is correct for any environment, such as those in nickel brushed, chrome, metal or brass. Opt for items that are easy to clean and maintain, especially if you do not have much time to devote to cleaning.