The sofa is one of the most important elements of the living room , a piece of furniture that can certainly not miss in our house. Let’s see how to choose the fabric for the sofa which is best suited to our environment and how to select color and material most suitable for the maximum comfort and a long life .

When we choose a fabric for our sofa we must first consider the type of fibers and materials that are best suited to our needs. We also give preference to removable covers because they will be easier to clean and possibly replace. The natural fibers are generally cheaper, but are also less resistant and more difficult to maintain. Included in this category the cotton , the linen , the wool , the velvet , cotton, leather and silk. The skin is easy to clean and striking, but it is easily scratched and wear with time. Cotton, wool and linen are fabrics with different textures and valuable, they can stain easily and shoot up over time, are not recommended for those who have pets at home as easily accumulate the hair. The silk is very valuable but fragile, we can use it for a rich and elegant living room where the sofa is little used.


The new generation of synthetic fabrics is more practical and durable, also a soft and pleasant to the touch. The leather is the synthetic variant made ​​of genuine leather, it is more durable and less definable, it is also more economical. The Antarctica is very popular, is a material made ​​from polyester and polyurethane foam and is easy to wash, it also has a very soft texture. Acrylic is similar to cotton and linen, but are more resistant, do not fade, do not crease and are suitable for outdoor use. The chenille, finally, is particularly soft to the touch due to the hair, is more resistant velvet thanks to synthetic fibers. Finally, there are innovative materials that are water resistant and also resistant to oil stains such as tissue EMI . We check with your dealer what solutions are available and feasible for our couch.

To find the best solution we have to consider the type of environment in which we will place the sofa and the use we make of it. We estimate that we will use the sofa, whether it is a decorative furniture or we use every day, and if we have children or pets in the house so we will need an easy fabric to remove stains and resistant. When we are choosing the sofa at the furniture exhibition we try to reach out and touch the various tissues and sit down. We observe that the tissue in the sample because we like those on display may be discolored remaining under the strong lights. We can also test the effect bringing home the sample and observing the actual light of the room .

When we choose the fabric for the sofa we have to find the color or the fantasy that you sing better in our living room and our personalities. Solid colors are generally easier to match with respect to the fantasies and are always current. Neutral tones classics never go out of fashion: white, black, beige and gray. To give a touch of color to the room we can focus on a bright red or lime green, but it is possible that over time can get boring. The patterns (flowers, stripes, polka dots) are well suited to a casual or romantic, country, shabby chic. We can choose to apply only the fantasies of some pillows in order to have a more sober. The oldest living rooms with antique furniture will stand out better with damask fabrics of silk or velvet, rich and decorative.