The fabrics are key elements to the decor of any environment, both when they have to be used to cover the walls, both to cover sofas and armchairs. Are also required for the different types of curtains, maybe to match the fabric used for the cushions and the bedspread. They are really many kinds of fabrics that you can find on the market, from the most simple and economic to quality, most prized and expensive, but what is really important to always get wonderful results, is the ability to know how to choose with taste, looking creates a proper harmony with the rest of the room in which they should be inserted. So here are some tips to advise you how to choose them without making mistakes.


It is important to emphasize that to create a particularly pleasant and elegant in any room in your home, it is not necessary to spend an avalanche of money: it is instead necessary to know first approached in a balanced and evocative fantasy and colors, trying to always create a good color balance of the whole. Therefore, you should avoid as much as possible to let you go shopping in superficial or casual: a refund or at least pleasant to look at, comes from right combinations and simple but precise attention. It is certainly worth spending a few more days in search of fabrics appropriate, since what you buy must stand firm for a long time so it is best to do things well.

If you need to take care of the living room or any room in a rather ‘important’, you must keep in mind that, regardless of the style of the furniture, fabrics in linen or light and shiny silk in light colors or soft pastel colors, offering a discreet but always deep elegance . A young or basically modern furniture with light to dark, it will adapt very well to natural fibers such as flax, cotton or raw state, or jute. Try then to never mix the lines with dots, or the Scottish design with circles and so on (for instance: a striped tent in a bedroom with a bedspread chess, would probably not be a bell combination!). If you want to give your living room a rather casual, choose preferably denim or jersey, and maybe organza for curtains.

About combinations of patterns: the pretty fabric patchwork can be beautifully used in the boys’ room, a living room or a bedroom in rustic or romantic line, but be careful not to ‘weigh’ too much the local is well alongside expertly covers patchwork in simple white curtains or cream-colored, smooth, that is enriched with lace sides. Finally, remember to take account of the light: the rooms are not very bright, definitely need to tone decidedly clear, with curtains textured light and transparent to allow light to filter, such as polyester and chiffon.