Each house has its own unique and personal style ; It can be to adopt guidelines that help us create a sophisticated design, or simply according to taste. There are many styles and different tastes, from modern classical to rustic. In any furniture there are certain items that can be combined to enrich the set; switching from objects new and modern, in small things created “do it yourself” using recycled materials. Surely to choose the details you need to trust, as well as to their taste, in the most appropriate depending on the style. In this guide we see how to choose the fireplace and adapt to the style of the house.

the fireplace

Before you decide which fireplace insert, you have to analyze well the overall decor of the house . Also assess the point at which we intend to add is essential to understand not only the size of what is immediately adjacent, to see if it is in tune with the rest of the furniture.

If you decide to add it to the kitchen-living room with furniture rustic, we opt for a fireplace with brick red and white marble and possibly interludes or veins. The hood is ideal to achieve this in wood to create a detachment and especially attuning to the furniture in the room, typically wood.

If, instead, we want to install the fireplace in a dining room decorated in a style classic, whether Empire or Victorian , the choice could fall on a fireplace of white marble in the case of a furniture style Louis XVI and, black or brown veined gray-white decor in a Victorian style.

In the event that the chosen environment was furnished with a modern design , you can orient yourself on a masonry fireplace, to recall one or more colors of the modern (usually white or black). We can also opt for a fireplace lacquered, always in the colors of the rest of the house, or otherwise combined to perfection. Alternatively, there are a lot models embedded in the wall or with the particular installation.