If you have the terraces or balconies is very important to choose a flooring right for them. The choice of materials and floors wrong could be very dangerous if they tend to become slippery in contact with the various atmospheric agents. Let’s see how you can choose the flooring for terraces.

The terraces are surfaces that can be fully opened or half closed. In both the cases are in contact with the various atmospheric agents, such as rain, ice or snow. Before installing any type of flooring you need impermeability not to allow moisture and water to infiltrate. The use of special materials, such as waterproofing and other products for this, are deemed necessary for this function.


The flooring suitable for terraces are usually those blanks. The outdoor floors can be of different types and sometimes the choice simply has to be oriented in accordance with your taste. There are tiled floors , wooden floors or tiles made ​​of ceramic or porcelain tiles. The latter must have certain characteristics. They must be able to withstand the frost, so they must be antifreeze, must have a minimum thickness of 1 cm and must be non-slip. Usually the tiles are final according to their slipperiness coefficient indicated by the letter R and a number, the more the number is high and more the adhesion is maximum.

There are also wood flooring suitable for outdoor They are placed very easily and just as easily can be replaced. The strips or squares of wood are created with durable materials and high quality. The PVC makes them resistant to moisture and deterioration The color remains stable over time because it is made ​​from Titanium teak, ipe and the kurupay are the materials most used external If you choose this type of flooring, it can be laid with the DIY method with ease. When selecting the floor is very important to keep in mind the color. It is preferable to a light color that rejects the sun’s rays. This restricts overheating and allows to keep the floor at a moderate temperature of not allowing heat too much also the internal environment of the house.