Choose the library is an important time for the organization of space and design in your home. Many will know the difference between classical decor and modern, but in choosing the library also involved the organizational level of the house : you must choose the library best suited to your needs and at the same time that’s right for your home. This guide will teach you how.

the library

Also known as the classical, the modular library is a variant that is well suited to all types of space. Famous both in small and large environments, given that this is a choice that allows you to rationalize the amount of objects of your homes: it is also suitable to have glasses and ornaments in an orderly manner. Plus you can take apart and modify at will to change the arrangement of objects: it is the perfect choice for those who love the great organization, but also renewal.

The vertical bookcase is instead the most suitable model for those who have limited space and tight. For example, it is the perfect choice for those who have a studio or very small rooms in the apartment: the special distribution in vertical will allow it to reduce and at the same time personalize the space devoted to books. This is the ideal solution for those who want to say goodbye to the old piles of books, bringing on domestic shelves a real showcase of knowledge.

A more imaginative, modern and eclectic is represented by a movable bookcase. Suitable both for the stay that the children’s room, this curious variant will surely give a new light to your home . Being able to rotate, you can effortlessly change the arrangement of the books and at the same time place the cabinet by turning in the various rooms of the house. And even in this category, the use will not be limited only to books but also to TVs light, ornaments, lights and much more that now has spread in the house.