The library is one of those pieces of furniture that has considerable significance in your living room bookself and in their homes in general. Entered on studies , in children’s rooms or in the hallways, plays a main along the sofa in every room and in every home. The criteria for assessing the right choice are more than one, but all closely related, because depend on your personal taste , from space and the needs of the house. In this guide, with a few simple steps, I will show you how to choose the library of stay , providing also all the necessary information and a few helpful suggestions on how to do this important work in the manner most simple and quick as possible. So let’s see how to proceed.

living room bookshelf

First you have to, as in every exhibition of interior design and choice of furniture, make a careful study of the floor plan of the living room and see, in your opinion and according to the square footage available, the space usable and the most suitable place. Consider that the libraries can be purchased already assembled or made ​​realize by a skilled artisan, using every niche and every corner, including the walls above the doors or the spaces between the pillars.

You will have to assess the type of use that you need, or if you intend to insert only aesthetic objects or if you need allestirvi inside a large quantity of books, encyclopedias and school textbooks ; consider whether you need a TV room, and if so, what size, considering that currently exist on the market of televisions with large monitors. The latter is very binding in choosing the style of the library , as the classic models, rustic and traditional in general, have a container for the limited TV, where you can enter large screens but always in the media, while unlikely to receive large screens.

The libraries are commercially available with shelves, cabinets, shelves with doors rectangular or square windows single or double game. Very often, you will find modular models that allow you to adjust the spaces and forms to your individual needs and always in relation to the content you wish to insert. If you have silverware or ceramics, you should choose a model with a shop window, while books, tapes and DVDs opt for several plans. Finally, if you love the simple lines and with just a few items, it recommends a modern model that respects the colors of the living room and it’s clean lines.