Choosing the right furniture for the home also means knowing how to assess what materials prefer to give a important aspect to your home but also to make it more efficient: in this way the furniture will also be more durable and long lasting. So let’s see what are the perfect materials for furniture.

Each room of the house requires specific solutions to create the right atmosphere and to ensure comfort and convenience of use. We must not only consider the design and shape of the furniture, but also as a raw material have been made, to have a guarantee on their quality and solidity. For each specific material we will inform us first if there are certifications that guarantee the absence of toxic chemicals and to provide that the product was manufactured in accordance with the law, perhaps in an environmentally friendly and low environmental impact . For wood we have for example the FSC label, which guarantees that the wood comes from forests treated ethically and with formaldehyde emissions lower than the percentage with risk of toxicity . So let us find suppliers that offer a range of furniture made ​​from environmentally friendly materials and also ensure that our well-being, avoiding contact with potentially harmful substances.


The materials will be chosen in a specific way depending on the intended use of the object and the area in which they are placed. For the kitchen, for example, we can choose the materials are particularly resistant to the work, others for coatings and structure. Among the more choices we have the raw materials especially wood for shelves, doors, chairs and table, very warm and decorative. The solid wood or solid and hollow are suitable for processing fine, while the laminated particleboard and MDF (medium density fiber) are cheaper. The steel, marble and stone are useful for shelves and accessories, durable and pleasant to see. For the kitchen we evaluate the furniture according to their ease of maintenance and cleaning, but also resistance to moisture, heat, and rubbing, making sure that we will use detergents to sanitize.

In the bathroom we should take into account the functionality and durability of the surfaces in contact with water, choose simple shapes to clean and maintain over time, especially for health services: the pottery is the classic choice to avoid mistakes. The contemporary design also offers various solutions, such as special and precious stones, marble and stainless steel The wood can be used for furniture, but should be treated for moisture to avoid damages due to it for the rest of the house can decide more freely because the wear is lower than the bathroom and kitchen, always trying to find a good compromise between aesthetics and practicality Let the new materials and new trends in magazines and online.