When you decide to remodel a house or just a room, in addition to furnishing must not neglect the color of the walls. And well established fact that there are colors “relaxing”, others darker or even “exciting”, so if you do not want to opt for the classic white, it is best to carefully choose the color for each environment. In this guide, in particular, you will find some useful tips on how to choose the right colors for the bedroom.

The bedroom is the room used for the rest par excellence : even if you go not just for sleeping, there is normally carried out activities that require serenity and concentration, such as the study. For this reason, it is essential to choose the soft colors, which will postpone a soothing and pleasant places: for example, blue and green, but in general all the pastel shades. It is advisable not to go overboard with the blue, as it is associated with the melancholy colors such as yellow instead help to find concentration and stimuli, which are useful for students.
might seem strange but also some shades of purple are very suitable for the bedroom: favor meditation and balance.


To help balance each “feeling” a good compromise may be to alternate between two colors or even to make every wall different from the other. Quirky, original and also useful! These criteria may be applied also for furniture and furnishings: carpets, rugs, furniture itself can be chosen the same color as the walls or a somewhat more turned on to break up a bit’ rhythm. Before to choose which color combinations to use, consider the dimensions of your room: some colors like red tend to shrink environments and make them more oppressive if they are applied too thick.

In this regard, instead of buying ready-mix the color, it might be useful to take the pigments to be mixed in the normal white tincture, so you can create the desired shades with full autonomy and ‘a solution perhaps a little cheap but definitely very effective. following These small steps will have a bedroom tailored to you and to your children, an intimate setting that meets your needs and when the rest will be indeed a time for relaxation and rejuvenation !