Who loves to have in the house a wooden floor must also know how to choose the right flooring. It is a choice to ponder well as the parquet floor , in addition to the high cost to be incurred for the purchase of the slats , results in a significant cost especially for the work of laying. It must be executed, in fact, by specialized personnel and can not be realized by any tiler. Other factors to consider are the type of flooring you want to play, the budget available, the degree of brightness of the environment and the context of the structure housing as a whole.

For example, in the case where the choice of parquet floor interested an apartment in a historic building, you may want to choose something that has a connotation of a little ‘more classical, therefore, the choice will be aimed at a more amber color of wood and polished , although this does not exclude the possibility to furnish the space with modern furniture. If space does not enjoy a good light, maybe you can avoid brushing the walls in light colors , without giving effect of the parquet slightly darker, environment able to instantly add a touch of elegance and sophistication.


If you want to put on the floor is newly built or at least not old, a type of wood that could be taken into consideration is the light oak. This color gives light to the right and is extremely welcoming. Also, being a very neutral shade, it goes with walls of different colors. Also, if the space where you want to mount the parquet is not particularly large, you could opt for a parquet with the planks longer capable of conferring an optical effect of the space width. A parquet extremely interesting is what allows you to install the system of floor heating which will unleash absorb heat during the winter and heat in summer. In short, a real revolution.

Finally, for anyone who is a lover of modern a bit ‘minimal, with a predominance of light colors is recommended bleached wooden floors, a novelty in this field is bamboo wood that after a series of whitening buy a similar color to the sand clear. In short, the choices are many and before you decide you want to go to specialty shops that can provide customers with all the necessary information Please note that the flooring is a type of flooring that lasts over time and it happens very often that companies ensure their products beyond 25-30 years.