Have you moved house and want to give a touch of originality by changing the color of the walls? If you’re reading this article you will already be clear that the choice of tunes is not simple. There are different types of paint and a myriad of shades to choose from. You have to consider the exposure to natural light and the kind of furniture purchased for your apartment. Let us see how to choose the right paint color for the walls .

If your home is crossed by the warm sunlight, you may opt for dark colors; what you get through this compensation is a very pleasing result. But be careful: do not use this type of color if the environment is naturally lit. Cool colors appear heavier and would give the rooms a spirit of melancholy. In general, the advice is always to not overdo it with the cool shades. If you intend to use the black or, for example, a dark green, only use it for a wall so as not to strain your eyes and get a negative effect on your mood. In this case, choose for the other walls a color light, such as white, a delicate pink or cream. The dividing line between light and dark, yielding you a very elegant.


If you are one of those who prefer the line of modern furniture and minimalist, you could use two colors rather classical, but non-trivial, such as black and white. Used to create the play of light, for example by applying even the lights on the walls, you get a result quite appropriate to the style in question. Even in this case, the suggestion is to use black as a tint not a carrier. Being a color too dark must have a decorative function.

For environments in which commonly meets the family are given very soft and relaxing colors. If you are dying to stimulate the imagination, the children’s room can be a place to indulge indicated. Yellow, for example, is a very cheerful color that lends itself to numerous artistic decorations. In the other bedrooms could opt for pastel colors that promote relaxation: the cream-colored or light blue are some of the options. Throughout this guide you will have imagined your home completely painted with shades suited to the environment and to your taste. So you just need to bring their own brush and give new life to your home.