Once the period most coveted by thieves was the summer, or when the cities were emptied, companies entered the period of leave and the houses were left unattended because you went on vacation. The thieves were able to do more easily and without too many eyes on him. Today, however, in spite of the crisis because the majority of people remain at home even in the summer, again because of the crisis, the risk of theft in the house has not diminished. The consequence is that the thieves, but to steal something you do not create more problem if the house is or is not inhabited. It is essential, nowadays, install a good security system at home, and in this guide we will cover how to choose the best possible security systems better and more suited to our needs.


One of the first things to consider is the need for a security system whose installation includes wires or without. In both cases we are talking about very functional systems, the difference lies in the ease of installation. What wireless simply apply it and operate it. It works with radio waves over the air, and to work requires long battery life. Excellent solution but that may incur some complications caused by an excessive amount and frequency of radio waves. The installation of this device does not require masonry work.

The anti-theft wires is also functional, but needs work to be installed in masonry. The wires must be connected to electrical wires and, if ever the attacker were to resort to cutting the wires to sneak in the house in the dark, the alarm would be triggered automatically. Obviously in this case should resort to a new plant. Having made ​​this choice you will have to decide whether to choose a security system inside or outside the home . Remember that if you have a house only includes garden and particularly large, the ideal would be a combination of the two.

You can choose to create a real defensive belt adopting the system perimeter. Triggered the alarm only if doors or windows are opened. It’s a great defense especially for the night. You are protected from the outside and, stretched out in time you can move unhindered into the house without the risk of causing an alarm. Alternatively, you can choose the volumetric system. Can simply apply the sensors in the rooms and, through these will be detected the presence of thieves thanks to the movement or even only due to body temperature. Of course, this security system can not be activated when you are inside the house.