In the market there is a great range for the choice of the tables in the living room, you can find them in many shapes and in various sizes. The look of your table is very important, but be careful that it fits well into the space you have available and allowing enough seats (must guarantee the number of chairs that you want to leave enough space to walk around and). The width of the table must be at least 36 centimeters. In the guide to follow you will find all the useful tips for choosing your table in the living room.

For a traditional living room, you have to take into account the right space to leave between the table and the wall, to allow diners to sit down and get up easily from their seats , and leave them from 42 to 48 inches. The manufacturer of the table should recommend the number of people who can comfortably sit without touching your elbows while eating, each person needs about 2 feet of space. Of course if the table allows, you can add more chairs during special occasions.


Round tables are ideal for small spaces. They fit in tight spaces and have no sharp edges, but it is more difficult to add places because they do not have corners, however, offer more legroom. For a round table , the use of a pedestal allows more seats. The choice of a rectangular table , works well for a long narrow room, for most of these tables the length increases along with the width.

If you choose a round table between 60 and 72 in diameter, is added in the comfort of your living room a nice center to put your dishes, but remember that the larger the table and more difficulty you have in achieving platters .If you want to save space, instead of the chairs used the benches. In the event that your room is square, it is recommended the purchase of a round table (or a square one ) for a more intimate dining experience, as diners will be the same. As the round table also square table when opened becomes very large. For stays tight or very small is indicating an oval table , which is very similar to the rectangular one, but visually uses less space because it has rounded corners.