To make it more cheerful and refined decor the tiles are very useful and beautiful; being robust and easy to clean, these are perfect for the walls of the bathroom and the kitchen. These tiles can be used for other areas of the house , as the entrance and veranda . Are commercially available an endless array of shapes , colors and designs . Before we proceed with the purchase carefully considered all those that exist in order to choose more firmly . Let’s see how to choose the tiles.

how to choose

First you have to choose them carefully, because they are a permanent decoration and their removal is difficult and very expensive: Currency then with attention to every detail. We must therefore consider their size; it is generally advisable to use small tiles to restricted areas and larger tiles for larger spaces.

As I said, in the market there are many varieties of tiles ; those that are usually less expensive, are applied to the walls and are designed to be used alone or be combined with other tiles. If instead you want to give a touch old environment, the board finished with a vitrification cracked. The tiles with designs are may be juxtaposed to those common to create decorative designs: they can have a single design or have a variety of reasons linked together by a common decorative pattern.

To obtain a particular effect could instead use the panels that are more tiles together forming a single decorative pattern. The reasons for larger and more complex instead may be the focal point of an environment such as the wall next to the bathtub or behind the sink. If your environment is modern Instead, you could use the tiles to form different: there are tiles diamond, triangle, cross and many more.

Finally, to get a decoration effect, you could choose the mosaic tiles decorated with small pieces of colored stone or ceramic. Another solution would be to choose the tiles made with the techniques of the past and decorated with vintage designs. These, however, are very difficult to find, but are an excellent choice for a setting recreating the past. In last council brought home samples, to be sure that the color is right, and not with the rest of the pistons.