Coat the walls with paper is quite simple, it is enough only a little cutting precision and a good hand to roll it out without balloons, and wrinkles. However, the choice of paper wallpaper in the right pattern or color is not so easy, especially when it comes to cover the walls of a room where you have to meet their own tastes but also those of children or children who live there. Here then is a guide on how to choose the wallpaper for the bedroom.

When we decide to choose the wallpaper, we can make between different types, in fact the market is the traditional one made ​​of paper, plastic and that of the cloth: it is a small room but we must take into account two important factors or the appropriate color and the quality of the product.

For a small room, since you are vacationing children or teens wallpaper is most suitable to waterproof type (washable) with light colors that give a modern touch to a unique environment for children and the fact that they are washable should not be overlooked , as in the bedroom playing with the ball and often leave treads on the wall. The washable wallpaper are the best because with a simple sponge soaked in water diluted with alcohol, it can easily remove most of the stains without having to replace one or more parts of them. The wallpaper for a bedroom can also be plasticized and at the same time washable precisely to obviate the drawbacks just mentioned.


To furnish with taste while taking care of the length of wallpaper to choose for the walls of the room is also important to the aesthetics If we then focus on the latter aspect, we set according to the age of the boys. If teenagers are the ideal colors are light blue and light green for boys and pink or yellow for girls or a mixture at the same time if you stay for both sexes The wallpaper for the bedroom should always take it with decorations, because even any stains (despite the wallpaper is washable), can be easily masked than a single colored The resistance factor is also important as the constant rubbing with the hands tends to thin the paper and then to replace it obliges In this case, the plastic can cover even the latter problem that could arise if children or young people who live in the bedroom prefer a themed color then you are spoiled for choice: drawings of musical instruments and equipment for sport, images of cartoon characters, sports, cinema and music In short we can say that the choice of paper wallpaper is weighted from a strictly economic, but also to satisfy the tastes and personalities of our children or teens.