If you are building your home or if you plan to give a new personality to the walls of the rooms, you might consider the wallpaper. It is a way of decorating the House that is coming back into vogue with new life thanks to the recent turn in vintage sense of fashion and design. Choose a wallpaper is more complicated the choice of simple plaster, because it will set both the color and the texture that the decorative motif. How to orient oneself?

If the House is under construction it is likely that the architect has a rendering program, that allows to reproduce the rooms in their finished look, with lots of facilities: it will be very easy to add color and pattern of the walls to get an idea at least preliminary final yield of wallpaper.

There are also online stores of wallpaper that offer the service of rendering, then show you a room with a fixed furniture and you choose the wallpaper for the walls, so you can see the performance on large surface. The best method, however, remains that of the sample. We’d better go to a specialty shop and consult from a seller.


Texture and materials vary depending on the room you need to play: in a bath, for example, due to the high humidity, we strongly recommend against the use of wallpaper. The nursery and any play areas should be covered with vinyl sheets (washable!) for easier maintenance, while for “great” you can think of the plain paper.

Attention! If you want to use the wallpaper take into consideration the possible combinations. For example, you can use it only on some walls, and other use plaster with coloration sur ton or contrast. If you decide to coat of wallpaper the living or dining room, you will have to overcome the terrible “plague” of the backs of the chairs that dirty the wall always at the same level, and should be a smudge or worse tear the wallpaper. You can opt for a wood panels in the lower part of the wall, ground edge, and wallpaper at the top. Depending on whether you choose the simple wooden beads painted white, gnarly or inlaid cherry wood panels, and the part of damask paper, vertical lines or stylized flowers, you will have completely different effects.

To choose your wallpaper you: Choose your style: turn, browse, ask, copied. A magazine can give you an idea, a site show you thousands of options, a local give you inspiration, but eventually ask yourself: “I want my living room seems a patio of a House by the sea or a Ballroom at Versailles?”. The offer will certainly not missing, it’s up to you to choose which light geometries, or that give a sophisticated tone or texture that suggests luxury and opulence, alternative fantasies that they think “here lives an artist”.

Let us deliver or shipping of samples and try to live together, resisting the temptation to order immediately thirty rolls of this or that. If the paper you already formatted sample stove, change the sample and repeat the test.