The wood and its derivatives are the most widely used material for making furniture , so the market is everything, even objects seemingly beautiful and durable, but they are obtained with mixtures and blends of varieties more or less poor. The price varies depending on the quality and know how to steer to get an overview that allows you to choose the right balance is important. Listed below are the main types of wood with the most important features.

The cedar comes from the United States and is an excellent wood for construction, lightweight, durable and easy to work with, very soft but very solid and stable. It is used for interior and exterior, in particular to coat the walls of the gardens, because the characteristic odor repels insects. The silver fir or red is used in carpentry, to make furniture of all kinds and for covering existing floors; comes from Russia and Finland and is soft and easy to saw, it is not very strong and that is what is used more for classic rustic furnishings. Mahogany is one of the most precious woods and there are various types, is used for nautical decor and fittings, in cabinet-making and for interior stairs and floors. The one from America working worse and it is less durable than African, but it tends to split when nailed and is less valuable because it is more easily and undergoes treatments to improve their appearance.


The oak is used for practically everything, as he has no problem working, is found in every part of the world and is one of the most long lasting and durable wood. The same applies to the beech, perhaps even more resistant of the oak, but with the problem of being easily attacked by termites. The birch is used for veneers and plywood, it works well and resists warping, for which we also use for high-quality furniture and household items, is quite perishable and good resistance to impact. The ash is mainly used for interior decoration and for parquet, it is very elastic and resistant but perishable and changes color with time. cherry and walnut woods are two other widely used for making furniture, because it is easy to work and are resistant to shock and all inflection, are also used in cabinet and for decorations. The furniture of ebony are rare and highly prized, it is a very dark wood and hard and is often imitated with other woods processed in a special way.

The wenge is quite common for furniture and indoor and outdoor furniture, it is very hard and heavy and is most commonly used for flooring Modern furniture is often made ​​with teak, a wood very solid and suitable for all uses, even to the scaffolding of ships, considering the great resistance to water and humidity. The elm is the wood most commonly used for stair railings, because it is very elastic and resistant all inflection. It is used a lot for chairs, tends to change color and is easily attacked by termites Always ask for the type of wood of the furniture you intend to buy, because it often seems.