The choice of the door of entrance to a home is an extremely delicate operation, since this is the tool par excellence to defend against malicious effectively , in fact, being considered a tool of the so-called “passive defense”. In this guide, we’ll see then what are the types of doors most commonly used and will compare their characteristics by assessing the degree of safety of the various models.

The reinforced door , called in technical term door burglary, is the element for excellence in order to ensure safety. Its installation must be done according to specific criteria needed to ensure its defensive function, which is classified according to 6 classes, indicating a different degree of protection that adapts to different types of properties. For a private home in a condominium are generally used doors in Classes 2, designed to protect against burglars occasional , but we recommend a Class 3 in the case of luxury apartments with valuable goods.


For single-family homes and town homes are instead recommended the doors of Class 3 and 4, which provide defense against burglars experts with specific equipment. To the special characteristics of the door should be complemented those relating to the lock, the cylinder of which must meet certain safety criteria to be installed on a door of this kind. A further guarantee is represented by the defender, a sort of cover-resistant material that surrounds the cylinder, slowing down and making it difficult to work burglar.

The evolution of the armored door is represented by the armored door , specifically designed to protect the house from any kind of intrusion, being equipped within steel sections that often come to reach 70 millimeters thick . The closure system is analogous to quell of armored doors, but is guaranteed a standard of security, being present a greater number of locking pistons with more resistance.

Generally, the cost of a security door class 2, including the fitting service, varies from 700 to 900 euro, while a port of class 3 is around 1300-1500 € The door armored clearly has a higher price, which starts from € 1800, by virtue of its quality.