The bathroom in every home, and women know it well, needs to be cleaned everyday because even though it might seem overwhelming, most frequently in performing household chores in this environment will allow you to spend less time and prevent dirt from accumulating. The cleanliness of this, utilization “room”, however, should not be overly aggressive because, otherwise, you run the risk of corroding shower and toilet. So here a few easy tips on how to clean a bathroom in the best way. Follow me step by step and proceed!

First, it will be appropriate to deal with the health care that must be washed with detergent liquid or paste form; to avoid those powders that have the side effect of scratching surfaces. Remember to always use a disposable latex gloves to protect your hands from the action, however, aggressive detergents. Let always act different products for a few minutes before you remove them by repeated rinses; Finally, you’ll have to dry everything on a cloth so that the deer in health remain lucid. If water and the like were to be yellowed, you can whiten in a completely natural way by using lemon juice or wine vinegar hot; if it was the toilet to submit patches used water oxygenated pure.


As a second step devote yourself to the cleaning of the tiles. For this purpose you can use a damp cloth for superficial vertical and a fringe mop or rag wool for the horizontal (floor). Cleaned with water and disinfected with attention tiles taking care to dry immediately with a chamois cloth in order to avoid unsightly streaks. Elucidate so that condensation will not take hold and, ultimately, make a “past” with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

The drains should be cleaned occasionally with a swab moistened with water and detergent. The toilet brush, besides being replaced with a certain periodicity, must be rinsed and then disinfected with bleach. The taps will be washed by following exactly the same procedure as health and dried with a chamois. Finally, if you want to wash toiletry items such as combs, brushes or synthetic sponges, put them to soak for a few hours in a liquid composed of half water and for the remainder of the ammonia then rinse under running water.