Generally, the thorough cleaning of carpets, is carried out by subjecting them to a wash with detergent and fabric softener in the washing machine (or laundry). As we shall see, however, you can proceed to perfume and sanitize a carpet also dry (and therefore without the use of water and special tricks). Below, I will give a series of tips and hints on how to clean a carpet cleaning at home, with extreme simplicity.

Keep in mind that the method of dry cleaning is highly recommended if the carpet is new again. In this way, you will avoid scratching the fabric or fade its color (the washing with water, may instead be effectively carried out in the case in which the tissue is already visibly old). The first cleaning mode effective, is the use of sodium bicarbonate. The latter is a great natural ally household cleaning, and can be validly used for the dry cleaning of any kind of carpet .


It is therefore advisable to spread the baking soda on the carpet evenly, so as to let it soak for at least 20 hours and then finish the cleaning with a vacuum cleaner to pass on the entire surface In this way, baking soda, will act as a detergent and will be able to revive the fabric and perfume.

As an alternative to baking, you can use the products and detergents specially designed for dry cleaning. In the latter case, it is necessary to proceed with a shift of the vacuum cleaner (before use of the product), and then spray the latter up to entirely cover the carpet. Finally, let it dry naturally.

The use of dry foam and a brush to pass on certain portions of the carpet, it may be a good strategy to eliminate streaks and / or spots of dirt very visible. Before purchasing as detergents, it is always recommended a careful reading of his remarks. Remember, that not all chemical cleaners are suitable for any fabric (and for every one of this, you may need to select one appropriate).

Finally, I remind you that the fabric of a carpet (if abused and neglected) shall be subject to deformations of the fiber. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid hang or generally wash it without following the proper procedure delicately.