The choice of furniture in the bathroom is an opportunity to make this area of your home more elegant and comfortable: in fact any guests almost certainly will use it. So, to have a bath more luminous and refined, are chosen glass shower cubicle, often by contemporary design . But how long will you spend to keep the doors always clean? With this guide you will be clarified methods and techniques to clean your glass, shower wall and eliminate signs of water and limestone.

A first method for cleaning the walls of the shower is to intervene ‘hot’ on the problem. After taking a shower, the doors are wet, and dry the droplets would halos due to water.So, at the end of the shower arm yourself with a spatula wiper (those that are used to clean the windshield of the car) and pass on the inner walls of your shower. The spatula will not scratch the glass, but still use it with care in order not to come into contact with any plastic parts of the tool in the glass of the shower stall.


Remember to use a notched squeegee exclusively for the elements in glass and crystal in your bathroom: so if you do not own a new one, you can go into any business that deals with cleaning items, household items and hardware or a procuratevene. If after using the spatula wipers are not satisfied with the result, pass the synthetic sheepskin for floating shiny.

Avoid using a notched squeegee for overlapping parts: you risk damaging the crystal, without, however, achieve the desired effect In these cases it is recommended to use a synthetic sheepskin long enough to tuck between the two doors: hold it with hands, moving from right to left, and in the meantime move it up or down, to clean the entire area.

These tips will be useful when applied daily. But what to do when the crystals are not cleaned for days? In this case, use a common product to spray glass cleaner (preferably containing vinegar), and apply it thoroughly on the walls of the box. rub a cloth to clean the house to cover with window cleaner every part of the door, taking care to put more emphasis in the corners. Once this is done, rinse with running water and proceed with the use of the trowel and squeegee synthetic sheepskin type, as shown in the preceding paragraphs. For the outer walls of the shower you can just use the cleaning cloth with a little window cleaner to spray and rub vigorously until the stains and fingerprints will not be completely removed.