The floors are part of a house. To maintain the healthy home environment is necessary to clean the apartment daily. And that also means taking care of the floor. Of course it is not necessary to wash every 24 hours. But clean the floor thoroughly is necessary for several times a week. In most cases are sufficient supermarket products. But sometimes we have to deal with surfaces a bit ‘more delicate. This is the case of the granite floor . Granite is a natural stone that has a facility to easily absorb the substances. For this reason it is necessary more foresight in cleaning granite. We find out how.

granite floor

Natural stones are more susceptible to wear. It is also easier to scratch and ruin. For this reason, anyone who owns a granite floor should carefully choose the tools for cleaning. To sweep the floor must be a broom with soft bristles. The more rigid materials are suitable for the toughest, but could scratch a stone such as granite. You need to clean the granite floor after the accidental fall of some fluid. The wine or oil, for example, could irreparably stain the stone. This is very unlikely if dirt immediately.

Other substances harmful to the granite floor are the vinegar, lemon and corrosive liquids. They could damage it irreparably. Therefore it is important to immediately clean the floor, even if only with paper towels. To clean and wash the floor is better to prepare a cleaner home. It is less aggressive of industrial products. We use at least 4 liters of water , in which we will pour 30 grams of soap liquid ecological . Add to the mix two tablespoons of baking soda . Baking soda has indeed many qualities for the hygiene of the house . We end our detergent mixture with a ladle of alcohol .

Soak a cloth mixed wool and cotton (like an old jersey) in the solution. For the cloth well, while keeping it moist enough. So we begin to clean the entire surface of the granite floor. Let’s take a second coat using another cloth the same as above. This time we use only the plain warm water. And later in the granite we can shine through a microfiber cloth all over the floor.