In this interesting guide will try to illustrate and explain how to clean a mobile dogwood . As many know, the dogwood is a wood essence strong, tough and durable. Moreover, the beauty that characterizes the dogwood is its color: it is reddish white. Although very particular, a mobile dogwood is very delicate and in fact you have to be careful in how to clean it and dust it. Begins our guide. Please, open your ears and, above all, take a pen and paper!

How to Clean

First, equip yourself with a clean towel and a basin of water . Dip the cloth in water and wipe it accurately on the surface of the cabinet in dogwood , trying to remove dirt and dust. This step is very delicate: in fact you have to be careful to not use a lot of water when cleaning wooden furniture as you are likely to deform . That said, let’s move to the next step.

After dusting the furniture with the wet rag, we must create a mixture of wood oil. Do not worry, this is a product that can be created easily at home. So, to do this, mix equal parts of oil of seeds boiled linseed and turpentine in a simple bowl. For a cabinet of the same size of a dining table, 60 milliliters of each ingredient should be enough. If, however, you do not have time to create this mixture or bores you make it at home, you could easily buy oil ready for wooden furniture, available at any hardware store or DIY.

After creating the mixture (or after you bought the product), equip yourself with another clean cloth and wet it with small amounts of oil . Wipe it with care in mobile dogwood, being careful also to let the oil into the wood fibers for a better result. After that, left to dry for a few hours on the mobile. The result, after a while, it will be immediately visible: increased luster and longevity.

Finally, I recommend that you adopt the habit of regular cleaning to increase the longevity and beauty of the furniture. This guide draws to a close. I hope you have enough help. As you have noted, the steps you take to clean a mobile dogwood, are not at all difficult to perform and apply. With a bit of good will, be able to do so without encountering any kind of particular obstacle.