After a full day, you use very often tools for the home. Among them appear appliances, such as dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerator and also the freezer, and. Unfortunately, only a few years ago, it was decided that you want to use natural products for the cleaning of the house. There are many problems that afflict our planet, and the use of substances harmful to the environment is one factor that got me thinking about how to clean in a natural way even kitchen appliances. In this guide, we will list several ways to proceed with this change of style, very positive.

As previously said, are different appliances which we find in the kitchen. Among them, the dishwasher (if it has one) is definitely very popular. Among the natural products for its cleaning, the one most recommended is the white vinegar that is able to remove grease and dirt particles that remain stuck on the grid and on its walls.


In the kitchen, one of the appliances that you cannot miss is the oven, which can sometimes be accompanied by a more convenient and small microwave. In both cases, it is assured that after a use prolonged dirt tends to fixate with more intensity. In these cases the ways to intervene are different: for example, with the salt mixed with water creates a slimy substance capable of scraping the grease. Even lemon is very useful, because its acidity is a useful remedy for loosening and also to remove unpleasant odors (for example, when use is made ​​of eggs or fish). This method it can be used also in the microwave. Finally also in this case, apple vinegar with the addition of water is useful for polishing as our new oven.

The refrigerator and the freezer on the other hand, after having been previously emptied of all the products inside them, and after removing the ignition wire may be ready for a cleaning. All of their moving parts, such as grilles and plastic drawers can be removed and rinsed with clear water and lemon. The rest, however, can be cleaned with white vinegar, putting it on a rag moistened and the past two times on all the walls. The freezer after being defrosted, will undergo the same process.