Hello, this guide will help you to make the normal, but very important cleaning your freshwater aquarium, which is essential for the survival of fish that live in it and that often, due to a bad or ineffective cleaning you get sick, lose their color, vitality and die.

You need:

* A pump to bring the water, which you can find in stores where you purchased your aquarium or fish
* A bucket
* A pot
* Products to purify water and make it habitable.
* A tile

The first step of this guide is very important. The first thing to do to clean an aquarium is simply unplug the various plugs from the mains, for example that of the filter ell ‘water, thermostat, and can also leave attached to that of light or neon. This action is very important for several reasons, for example to avoid taking the current, if anything, there was some bare wire and avoid blowing the filter and thermostat, as it will no longer be in the water.

Then take out the other dry and always using the pump to bring the water fill them up completely empty the aquarium. Now take a pan and if you have the gravel on the bottom of the aquarium, put it in this pot, and wash with warm water. With a damp sponge to give a clean bottom, the side windows, but Be careful not to use various soaps, simply use water, trying to pull away the dirt. Also clean the filter, rinse the sponges inside with warm water, never touch the razor clams, which are stones shaped pasta thimbles (they need to form the normal beneficial bacteria to fish life).


Once clean all let’s prepare. Then we start to put the gravel or earth, the various rocks or plants, if anything you have, replace the filter, the thermostat without attacking thorns current. Now fill the tank with warm water, even that tends to be cooler than hot pour it very slowly, or you risk upsetting the earth and plants. Once full you can stick the pins and then set in motion filter and thermostat.

Before inserting the fish is very important that you put inside the aquarium products to neutralize the normal substances harmful per fish that are found in tap water, making it immediately suitable for them. These products will find them in stores selling fish or aquariums. Wait about five minutes and then put into fish using the usual tile and caution. The aquarium now is ready and like new.